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Connecting Seniors to Lifelong Learning

Information about U3A Brisbane Classes

Class Schedule for Term 4 2020 is now available.  Although most face-to-face classes are currently suspended, please enrol in Term 4 so that you can continue to receive class information by email or participate in Online Classes if offered by the tutor. Term 4 commences on 6th October and finishes on 11th December. Term 3 finishes on 18th September.

Use our Class Search to browse classes by District, keyword or Subject Category, and to Enrol in a class.

If you are currently enrolled in a Term 3 class that you wish to continue attending in Term 4, you can use the Member Dashboard to re-enrol.

Class Search           Member Dashboard

Alternatively, you may view or print the Term 4 Class Schedule in PDF format. Requires Adobe Reader or alternative.

Note: This printable PDF file is a snapshot of the Term 4 class data as at 5th September 2020. In time it will become out-of-date owing to subsequent class changes. Use the Class Search button above for up-to-date information.

PDF version of Class Schedule for Term 4 2020 (current as at 5th September 2020):

Download PDF


How to Enrol in a Class


You need to be a U3A Brisbane member before you can attend a class.  However, you should enquire about a class from the tutor before joining as some of our popular classes may be full at certain times.

To enrol, either contact the tutor directly or enrol through the Class Search page by clicking on a class of interest. You will see a button labelled 'Enrol in This Class'. Click that button and you will be asked for your membership number and surname for identification purposes.

If you submit your enrolment online you will receive an email confirmation. You may assume that your enrolment is accepted unless you receive advice to the contrary from the tutor.

Some classes have requirements for pre-existing knowledge, e.g. computer classes.

In any direct communications with a tutor please advise your U3A Brisbane membership number, or indicate your intention to join.

For more information about U3A membership and class enrolments, see our Frequently Asked Questions.


How to Cancel a Class Enrolment

You can cancel an enrolment online using the Member Dashboard feature. Alternatively, you can use the same process as to enrol. Find the class under Class Search and click on the Enrol button. The system will ask for your membership number and surname, and will then recognise that you are enrolled and invite you to Cancel.


How to View Your Enrolments

Use this feature to check all your current class and event enrolments.

Member Dashboard.


Class Fees

Class FeesClass fees are not being charged for classes at present. However, if you would like to make a voluntary contribution you may do so via the Member Dashboard page.


Term Dates for 2020:

 Term   From   To   Weeks 
 1  28-Jan   3-Apr  10
 2  20-Apr   26-Jun  10
 3  13-Jul   18-Sep  10
 4  6-Oct   11-Dec  10