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Connecting Seniors to Lifelong Learning

University of the Third Age Brisbane

Connecting Seniors to Lifelong Learning

The University of the Third Age Brisbane ("U3A Brisbane") is a non-profit learning community and mutual-aid movement. Our refund policies are appropriate to our structure, purpose and objectives.

Refunds will only be considered and, in its absolute discretion allowed, by the Management Committee in accordance with the following guidelines.

Membership Subscriptions
Membership subscriptions apply to each calendar year and members must be financial in order to attend our classes. In general, membership subscriptions are non-refundable except in unusual circumstances and only if a request for refund is made within three months of payment. For example, a request for refund would be considered favourably if a member joined in order to attend a specific class and was subsequently unable to attend owing to the class being cancelled or over-subscribed. Any other case would be considered on its merits.

Class Fees
Class fees are non-refundable since they are typically only payable for each session when a member attends a class at a location where they are charged. For City Campus face-to-face classes, up-front payment of fees is required each term. Refunds of such fees may be made in cases of severe illness or other hardship which prevents the member from attending all or part of a course.

Special Events
In respect of events such as Christmas lunches, visits to industries and places of interest arranged for members, including those organised by the Social Committee for which a fee is collected in advance from members, refunds will be made to members cancelling their booking if cancellation is made before the Closing Date for bookings, and in sufficient time that U3A Brisbane will not incur any costs because of the cancellation. In cases of severe illness or other hardship, U3A may waive this condition. In the case of group theatre parties or other ticketed events, no refund will be made once a ticket has been purchased with that member’s payment.

U3A Brisbane reserves the right to cancel any event for reasons such as weather conditions, insufficient members’ support or any other reason in its discretion, in which case booking fees will be refunded to members.

U3A Brisbane is not a supplier of goods and we therefore do not require a Returns Policy.

Updated: 1-Jan-2021