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Connecting Seniors to Lifelong Learning

Copyright Information for Tutors

Print and Electronic Media

U3A Brisbane Inc. holds an Education Licence - Non-Commercial from Copyright Agency Ltd (renewed annually).

This licence allows educational institutions to photocopy content, and to print, scan, download and email content for distribution to students.


How much Content can you use?
The Copyright Act states a "reasonable portion" can be used. The following is a guide:

  • 10% of a book or one chapter (whichever greater).
  • 10% of a work of sheet music.
  • An article contained in any issue of a periodical publication (i.e.  newspaper/journal).
  • Two or more articles contained in any issue of a periodical publication provided they relate to the same subject matter.
  • A play, script, short story, text or poem in an anthology if that work comprises not more than 15 pages of that anthology.
  • An image, map or illustration if it accompanies text for the purpose of explaining or illustrating the text or is not published separately.
  • A book, text, image, play or sheet music if a new copy of that work cannot be obtained commercially within a reasonable period of time.

More information:
Copyright Guidelines

FAQs on Educational Use

Educational Licences

DVDs and Videos

DVD and video

You do not generally need permission to screen a DVD or video in class for non-profit educational instruction.

Under the Copyright Act, screening a film, DVD or video in class is not "in public" and does not require permission if:

  • it is in the course of educational instruction which is not given for profit; and
  • all the people in the audience are giving or receiving instruction, or are directly connected with the place where the instruction is given.

More information:
Films, DVDs and Videos: Screening in Class

Music Performance
The performance of music in public requires a licence from APRA/AMCOS and U3A Brisbane holds a current licence for this purpose.

Copying of sheet music is generally not permitted without the permission of the copyright owner. For more information on this matter, refer to Guide to Music Copyright for Australian Educators.


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