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Connecting Seniors to Lifelong Learning

This information is provided for U3A Tutors as advice on how to avoid excessive enrolments.

Member Re-Enrolment
Members can use the Re-Enrol feature to re-enrol in a continuing class from their Member Dashboard. Tutors can still use the Roll Class feature, and this can be done from a week before enrolments open to members. Members can also enrol through Class Search, or contact the Tutor directly.

If you wish to block online enrolments from new class members, you can set Class Full as described below. Please do so only if you are unable to accept new enrolments. This is similar to a pre-requisite for a class, i.e. members have to be enrolled in the previous term first. If Class Full is set, this text appears in red in Class Search:  CLASS FULL - Enrolments only open to existing class members.

Limiting Enrolments
You can limit enrolments through these steps:
1. Log in to the website
2. Select Classes Taught from the side menu, select your class for the upcoming or current term, then select Change Subject Details.

At the bottom of the page you will see two options Class Full and Class Size Limit. You can only set one option or the other, but if you do not set a Class Size Limit and it is a City Campus class the Room Capacity will determine maximum enrolments. 

Class Full
If you tick this box, only existing class members can enrol online. However, you can choose to manually add new class members using the Class Enrolment option. The Class Full option is mainly intended for "continuing" classes where prior attendance is a pre-requisite. Please note that inserting the words "Class Full" in your class description has no actual effect other than advisory. The database system will automatically include appropriate warnings about full classes in the published class information, so you do not have to include such information in your class description.

Class Size Limit
Setting a limit in this box will allow online enrolments up to the number where total enrolments have reached the limit. Remember that actual attendances are usually less than enrolments, so allow a higher number of enrolments depending on your past experience with the class. Room size is one factor that will determine how many students you can accept. For City Campus classes, room capacity limits depend on current COVID Safe rules, and current limits are shown in the table at the base of this page. Room capacity sets an upper limit for enrolments where no Class Size Limit has been set. For District classes, room capacity is typically determined by the venue.
If enrolments have reached Class Size Limit, this text appears in red in Class Search:  CLASS FULL - No further enrolments can be accepted.
If enrolments have reached Room Capacity, this text appears in red in Class Search:  CLASS FULL - Room capacity exceeded. No further enrolments can be accepted.

Inactive Class
Your District Coordinator may set a class to Inactive status. This means that classes are temporarily not currently being conducted, but members may still enrol on the understanding that classes will resume when possible. This explanation is displayed in Class Search.

Zoom Class
Your District Coordinator may set a class as conducted with Zoom videoconferencing. This information is displayed in Class Search.

Tutor Login
If you don't currently have a tutor login username and password, or have lost your password, you can obtain one using Website Registration (this option is on the lower grey menu on the website).

If you have any difficulties with these features please contact:  help@u3abrisbane.org.au


City Campus Room Capacities


The following room capacity figures show the maximum number of students (in addition to the Tutor) permitted in each room under our COVID Safe Plan. See Floor Plans below for an indication of room sizes. These are updated limits applying from Term 1 2022.

Creek St
Room 39
Room 420
Room 524
Room 814
Adelaide St
Room 1130
Room 129
Room 1316
Room 1416
Room 1516
Room 1636
Room 178
Room 1850

Room capacities are based on size of room and are used as the default maximum class size for member enrolments. Actual capacity will be lower if desks/tables are used in class.

Tutors may set a lower Class Size Limit using the Tutor login facility.

Adelaide St Floor Plan

Creek St Floor Plan